Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back to Future

A man by nature is a fool,When its hot he wants it cool
When its cold he wants it hot,Always wants what is not!

Reading it the first time brought a smile to my face...but reading it over and over made me realise how true it is.
This has been my story and I think everyones at every point in life. If i have to think back I have mostly wanted to get something so bad and when i actually get there I feel .."damn it was alot better without this".

When you are in school, you want to get out of school so badd...coz you simply hate studying for those exams and missing out on many SO CALLED IMPORTANT things then...And then when the time comes for you to go to college..after the first few exciting days..we all yearn to go back to school times...coz we miss those good old days..if not that then its the desire to get out into the big bad world..start working...earn money...do things as you please...
Well that day comes too...but we are too engrossed thinking about what we want next rather than enjoying the present time for which we waited so eagerly until yesterday..

The list goes on...the cycle continues...the wants and needs seem never ending!

Whenever I try to enjoy the present my mind seems occupied with thoughts of the future..There are very few times when I truly enjoy the present w/o worries,concerns about future...and it makes me happy from within...

Take a moment once in a while to live for the moment. Let's just say that "worrying about tomorrow" is an ingredient of life which we all have to taste

Lets all pause, take a deep breath
All our worries lets put to death
For once, let our mind not stray
Wish you all have a nice day.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Do you ever wonder...what makes you put up with certain people??
I often ask myself , why do i behave a certain way when i absolutely dont want to behave that way....more often than not I can't give myself a convincing answer. Is it love, is it respect, is it fear, or is it out of habit?? There is something which makes me behave thay way and bear all the nonsense. I do realize its all not worth it, but then again I feel it might just be worth it...
If i stop now I know i can save myself a lot of pain and stress but the question is...Do i want to stop???