Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Dont feel the pain when life cant let you win
Remind life you have nothing to lose and keep a high chin
Dont care if the seeds you sow,someone else reaps
At the end of the journey,there is nothing we get to keep

Few things I miss the most

  • Juhu beach paavbhaji
  • Kalakhatta gola
  • Night outs with friends and having maggi(those were the days when i was unknown to the world of cooking..to me..cooking meant ..maggi and rasna :))
  • Eyeing the biggest icecream slab in weddings.
  • Getting together with close and extended family members on various occassions
  • 5-6 people travelling in a 3-seater rickshaw
  • Roaming along the streets fo lokhandwala aimlessly and carefree...the only worry being what excuse do i give to reach home later than my 7:30 pm curfew
  • End of semester and movie parties in Northrup
    and a lot more :(

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tulips mere angaan ke