Friday, January 13, 2006

My friend

It was long ago i had come across this new face
Dont remeber the time, neither do i rememebr the place
All I can say , it must have been Gods grace

From total strangers we went on to become friends
Never knew when all our differences begin to blend
And along this journey we started to set new trends

You always lend me a shoulder when i needed to cry
Luckily we were also together in times of joy
Waiting once again for these times to come by

I know my friend you will always be there
For you and your happiness ill always care
But you never know time will take us where ?

Dear friend, I will always know our friendships depth
I will be true to our friendship till my death
Till the moment I take my last breath...

Thursday, January 12, 2006


This one was written by me almost 4 yrs ago. I got it while clearing my mailbox :)

Her love is simple and oh soo kind,
She is one who gives us peace of mind

When i am stressed, her words have been comforting,
At times i tak to her abt evrything at times abt nothing..

There are times when she is in rage,
And thats when we are just not on the same page

The door to her heart is always open,
Feelings of worries and care for me has had her gropen

In my memories she never grows old,
But my eyes see her age as the years unfold

She is the mother of us two daughters,
Aint me and my sis lucky to have got her

I am sure we all feel the same for our mom, but i just thought Ill save this one in my blog and see what all you have to add about the mom's.And although i wrote this back in 2002 even today it all stays the same.luv u maa.